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Bridge the gap between college and your first job.

We work hand in hand with college students and recent graduates to ease the complicated process of applying for internships and entry-level jobs. Our job is to revitalize the Resumes, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn Profiles of our clients, enabling them to become standout candidates.

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Our results Our clients land internships and entry-level jobs across global industries and professions.

We help college students and recent graduates enhance their professional tools to land their dream positions.

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  • resume-writing

    Resume Writing

    We craft two types of resumes: industry specific and job specific. An industry specific resume is particular to a given field, while job specific resumes are variations of an industry specific resume, that are tailored to the job descriptions of certain position postings. We create both for you.
  • cover-letter

    Cover Letter Writing

    Writing a cover letter that truly encapsulates who you are and aligns with what companies are looking for can get pretty difficult. We work closely with you to ensure that your cover letter perfectly blends the most noteworthy aspects of yourself with your prospective company's needs.
  • linkedin

    LinkedIn Profile Writing

    The majority of college students and recent graduates are new to LinkedIn, and are thus unaware of how to: properly set up their profiles, appear higher in recruiter searches, stand out when applying through LinkedIn Jobs, facilitate effective networking strategies, etc. This is where we come in.
  • The resume review College Resume and Daniel provided was better than any other I have received. His work was very objective, and he REALLY gets into the specifics. He notices the tiniest bit of details, and offers actionable advice on how to fix a resume’s shortcomings. Unlike other resume writers, Daniel explained what made my resume strong AND weak, and I got more value out of his resume assistance than anywhere else. I would 100% recommend Daniel for resume help, as he is very specific and objective.

    Abrar, Supply Chain Intern at BD

  • Daniel’s resume assistance was very detailed and helpful. Being a client of his for College Resume was great! Not only was his advice constructive, but he also took the time to provide the necessary information I needed. I would totally recommend College Resume to anyone looking for thorough resume help with extensive feedback. Thank you!

    Deborah, Accounting Student at Alcorn State University

  • I first reached out to Daniel for assistance on my resume and welcomed any critiques. I can now say that I absolutely loved the service College Resume provides! Daniel was able to give me specific insights as well as pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of my resume. He was able to effectively inform me on what I should fix and most importantly how to fix it. I know I can reach out to Daniel any time if I ever need further help. I highly recommend anyone who needs this sort of assistance to reach out to him!

    Yash, Technical Business Manager Intern at AT&T

  • Thanks @collegeresume for tweaking my resume for me! I found you telling me specific things I should focus on and what to let go of really helpful. I now feel a lot more confident and surprisingly more qualified to submit my resume to future jobs because of how professional it feels. Thank you!!!

    Daniella, Acting for Film & Television Student at Pace University

  • Daniel and his team gave me insight on my resume design and layout that I would have never thought about and showed me how changing the format of my resume could strategically help me land more interviews and jobs. I believe that everyone could use a fresh set of eyes to review their resume and I’m not sure if there’s a better team of people to do so.

    Justin, Project Coordinator Intern at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

  • Daniel, I just wanted to say THANK YOU. You provide a wonderful service to your clients. You are everything College Resume states. I am so happy, it’s just what I wanted. Like you explained to me, how to show my skills and make it more compelling to the hiring managers. How true that statement is. It can land me to the job that I actually deserve. Wishing you all the very best. You have been a pleasure to work with. I will definitely be recommending students, especially those who are having difficulties in getting the jobs that they deserve, because of their weak resumes and cover letters. Good luck and thanks again!

    Manashri, Master of Financial Analysis Student at Rutgers Business School

  • Thank you so much for editing my resume and providing feedback on how I can improve it. College Resume made a huge difference in terms of strengthening my job resume as well as my LinkedIn Profile. This service has given me critical assistance as to how I should strengthen my resume, and the adjustments were much needed! This will definitely benefit for future job searches as well as make my resume stand out from other job candidates. This has also encouraged myself to adapt to LinkedIn. I will definitely share this service with my friends so that they can also enhance their professional tools!

    Diego, Marketing Student at Drexel University

  • Daniel’s analysis opened my eyes to the weak points in my resume. He explained both the positive and negative qualities in the resume, and suggested useful changes to improve it.

    Gabriel, Private Equity Intern at Burgiss

Abrar’s success story is truly an inspiration. A Supply Chain Management major at Rutgers Business School, Abrar had a strong understanding of his coursework, shown by his high GPA, and was eager to apply his knowledge to a work environment.

However, the one thing he was lacking was strong previous experiences, as although he had some prior experiences, he did not have any previous internships. He felt stuck in the process.

That was exactly where we came to help.

He reached out to us to help him craft a stronger industry specific resume for the field of Supply Chain Management. Aesthetically, his resume did not require any extreme changes, but his content needed improvement.

We worked together with him to include more statistics and tangible impacts wherever possible on his resume, rather than simply stating what he had done.

The adjustments made to his resume went a very long way, as only a couple of months (and some interviews) later, Abrar finally accomplished his goal of landing a Supply Chain internship at a top company.



Supply Chain Management at Rutgers Business School (New Brunswick)


Supply Chain Intern at BD

Yash reached out to us to improve his career tools. He wanted to transform his resume into one that would not only pass the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for a Data Science/Finance internship, but would also appeal to the eyes of recruiters and hiring managers.

We were able to do just that.

Within just a few months of working with us and receiving his new and improved industry specific resume, Yash landed a position at AT&T as a Technical Business Manager Intern.



Data Science and Finance at The University of Texas at Dallas


Technical Business Manager Intern at AT&T

A BAIT and Leadership & Management double major, Justin was looking for an internship that could enable him to utilize all of his skills on the job. However, although he had the expertise needed for such a role, he was having trouble expressing his diverse skillset on a one page resume.

After conducting some research, he decided that College Resume would be the best solution to his problem.

After reaching out to us, we were able to fully encapsulate all of his abilities onto his new industry specific resume in a way that was not only compliant with resume scanning softwares, but more importantly appealing to the human eye.

Once we completed the project, it was only a matter of weeks before Justin ultimately landed a role at the oldest, largest, and most prestigious cancer center on the globe, as a Project Coordinator Intern at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.



Business Analytics and Information Technology (BAIT) and Leadership & Management at Rutgers Business School (New Brunswick)


Project Coordinator Intern at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

We were able to significantly propel Diego towards his goals through our project involving his resume and LinkedIn profile. Our goal for the project was to help him land a co-op internship at a startup in the Philadelphia Metro Area.

Applying for positions through Drexel University’s co-op database, we knew exactly what we had to do in order to make him a standout candidate.

First, we gave his LinkedIn profile a facelift, and then we got to work on his job specific resume. After he found a company he was interested in, he forwarded the job posting to us and we took it from there.

It was only a matter of weeks after working with us that Diego ultimately landed a role as an Associate of Business Development at an HR-tech startup,

Diego had it all in him, we just assisted him in channeling his strengths and accomplishments in a way that enabled him to get where he deserved to be.



Marketing at Drexel University


Associate of Business Development at

Elevate your professional tools and get where you deserve to be.

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