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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does your referral program work? Where do I enter the code?

    Let's explain it with a quick story. When Sam purchases a service, he is sent a unique code. This unique code is great for several reasons. First, everyone Sam refers to College Resume can use his unique code and get 10% off their purchases. Also, Sam receives $20 per referral he makes. Then, everyone he refers to us receives their own unique codes after purchasing a service, and the process continues. You will be able to enter this code on the Checkout page, under the first field, which reads "Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code".

  • Why College Resume? What makes working with you better than working with someone else?

    College Resume is the premier career advancement company for college students and recent graduates across the globe. We utilize proven methods that have landed our clients internships and entry-level positions at top companies; we produce only the best when it comes to resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles. Our founder, Daniel, is an HR Business Partner at Tesla, who has immense knowledge in the field of HR and has a keen understanding of how to beat the complicated game that is applying for internships and entry-level jobs. Not only have his tried-and-true strategies produced results for himself, but also for hundreds of people, just like you, around the world.

  • Why are your services so cheap compared to other resume writing services?

    College Resume is founded by Daniel, an HR Business Partner at Tesla. Naturally skilled at writing resumes, many of his college peers would regularly ask him for help with their career tools. The demand of his fellow classmates led him to the realization that there is a massive market for this. After researching online, he found that almost all resume writing services were extremely expensive, thus making them accessible only to those who have the financial means to afford them. Additionally, none of the services he stumbled upon were targeted specifically at college students and recent graduates, a demographic that not only needs this type of help the most, but is also likely not yet financially stable. He understands the issues at hand very deeply, and he created College Resume to focus on you, the college student or recent graduate looking to land your dream role. Our goal is to provide you with outstanding new and improved professional tools without putting a hole through your wallet.

  • Does College Resume work with college students/recent graduates who don't live in the United States? How about international students/recent grads who came to the United States for college?

    Yes and yes! As a matter of fact, many of our clients fall into one of these categories. We are huge on working with international students and recent grads because we understand their struggle, which is amplified by several factors including their language barrier, being away from home, and more. If you are reading this and are either located outside the United States and are looking to land a position here, or you've already moved here for your studies, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

  • How does the process work and how long will it take? Can you expedite the process?

    Each project is different, but the process generally takes a few of weeks to complete. We care more about producing your new and improved career tools at the highest possible level than just rushing through it. However, we can expedite our services upon special request and at an increased rate. Please visit our How it works page for specific details on how exactly the process works and the timeframes.

  • Does Daniel work on every project?

    Yes, Daniel is involved in every project and is easily accessible throughout. To us, communication is everything, so we work to ensure a highly transparent and smooth process.

  • Can I refund my order?

    All sales are final - we do not offer refunds. We strive for perfection with each and every service we provide, and pride ourselves on being the #1 career advancement service for college students and recent graduates. If you are not 100% satisfied with the final copy of any document we provide you with, we will continue to revise it within the revision period until you are completely confident that your career tools are entirely what you want. Again, we urge you to please consider and weigh out all of your options prior to purchasing our services. Regardless, take advantage of our plenty of free resources, such as The College Resume Blog and our social media pages.

  • Do you guarantee that I will land an internship/entry-level job after using College Resume’s services?

    We do not guarantee it, but it certainly does substantially improve your standing and confidence in the application process. Hundreds of our clients have landed the positions of their dreams after working with us, as you can see on our Testimonials page. This is because we stick to our tried-and-true fundamentals that do not only get you past the ATS, but also enable you to stand out to recruiters and hiring managers at the world's best companies.

  • What are Applicant Tracking Systems, and why are they so important?

    Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are scanning softwares used by almost all companies that serve as an initial filter in the application process. The ATS processes resumes by analyzing how compatible they are with job descriptions. Before any hiring manager or recruiter even looks at your resume, it must first pass the ATS, which is what makes it such a huge obstacle between you and an internship/entry-level position. To put it in perspective, more than half of the resumes that go through the ATS are eliminated before reaching the human eye. Both the industry specific and job specific resumes produced by College Resume are not only sleek and formatted to perfection, but they are also ATS compliant - we put you in position to get more interviews.

  • Do you need access to my LinkedIn account for the LinkedIn Profile Transformation?

    No. We lay out on a document, section by section, every part of your LinkedIn profile and detailed explanations regarding changes to make. You will then be able to copy and paste our rewrite from the document you receive to the matching sections on your profile.

  • What format will my completed resume and cover letter be in?

    Your new and improved resume(s) and cover letter(s) will be sent to you in (.doc) and (.pdf) formats. Every single company takes either (.doc), (.pdf) or both, so you will be able to start applying with your new, perfectly formatted tools immediately and headache-free.

  • What’s the difference between an industry specific and job specific resume?

    We craft two types of resumes: industry specific and job specific. An industry specific resume is particular to a given field - this is the resume you want to have handy at a career fair, feature on your LinkedIn profile, etc. On the other hand, job specific resumes are variations of your industry specific resume, which are tailored to the job descriptions of specific job postings. Our expert writers have mastered the challenging games of both beating the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in a plethora of industries, as well as appealing to recruiters and hiring managers at top companies in the internship/entry-level scene. If you purchase our Professional or Expert packages, you will inform us of the specific internship/entry-level job posting(s) you want to apply for, and we will tailor your resume(s) accordingly.

  • Are the cover letters you create general or specific to certain job postings?

    By nature, cover letters are never general, and should thus always be specific to certain job postings. Thus, we do not offer any "industry specific cover letters" like we do for resumes; each cover letter we write for you is tailored to a specific internship or entry-level job posting.

  • What is included in the LinkedIn Profile Transformation?

    In addition to the 1 industry specific resume, 2 job specific resumes, and 2 cover letters included in our Expert package, you will also receive a multi-page document including the LinkedIn profile rewrite and in-depth explanations for each section’s revisions, as well as a tailored guide on how to leverage LinkedIn personalized to your current situation (i.e., organically grow your network as an internship/entry-level job seeker, appear higher in recruiter searches, stand out when applying through LinkedIn Jobs, facilitate effective networking strategies, etc.). You can view all of our packages on our Services page.

  • I started college recently, and I don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet. I really want to create one because I have to start applying for internships soon. Can I still work with College Resume?

    Of course! We can fire up your profile from scratch - in fact, that's one of our favorite things to do! The combination of our profile rewrites and in-depth explanations section by section, as well as other tips, tricks and actionable plans specific to your situation will put you at a significant advantage on your internship search.

  • Should I use your services if I already had an internship at a Fortune 500 company, but am now struggling to find an entry-level position?

    It is up to you. We never want to pressure our prospective clients into purchasing our services if they do not think that they need it. If you believe our services will push you over the top on your internship/entry-level job search, then definitely go right ahead. If not, that is perfectly fine as well, but we highly recommend you check out The College Resume Blog and our social media channels for free career advancement resources you won't find anywhere else.

  • Can you still write me a resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile if I have none of them/have no experience?

    Absolutely! We will work with you from the ground up in order to get you up to speed in your professional career. First off, though, do not worry, as many people are in the same exact boat as you and feel like they have no experience. We will work hand in hand with you to extract every last bit of information we need out of you in order to craft excellent career tools that will drive results, even if you think you have nothing to put on any of them right now.

  • Can my company partner up with College Resume?

    Absolutely! To get in touch and discuss further, you can email us at, or fill out a Partnership Inquiry on our Contact Us page.

  • I really admire the vision of College Resume and would love to join the team. Are you hiring?

    Yes! We are always looking for passionate and talented individuals who want to join our up and coming company. To learn more, you can visit our Careers page to see if there’s currently a job opening that fits your expertise, or simply email us at for more information.

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