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We have a robust process from connecting you with an expert writer to delivering top-notch career tools tailored to your goals.

Engage in a service

First, you will check out with your desired package from our website. If you already have a resume, cover letter and/or LinkedIn profile, you will be able to attach that information when checking out. If not, that is perfectly fine; we will guide you through the basics and get you up to speed. After placing your order, a confirmation email will immediately be sent out, informing you that a writer with experience in your industry will contact you within 24 hours.

Connect with a writer

One of our writers will reach out to you within 24 hours of your purchase, requesting your resume, cover letter, and/or LinkedIn profile URL if you had not already attached these tools when checking out. If you do not have one, or any, of these three career tools, just let your writer know and they will send out a questionnaire for you to fill in that will help serve as a baseline. Additionally, we are interested in getting to know more about your specific goals for this project, which you will have initially addressed in your order checkout.

Establish goals

Next, your writer will review all of the materials you have sent them, and reply with tailored follow up questions within 48 hours of receiving your responses (i.e., resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile URL, questionnaire, in-depth projects goals, etc.).

Draft the project

You will then answer these follow up questions whenever you can. Although we recommend that you answer them as soon as possible, please be sure to include ample information for your writer to work with. The more detailed your answers are, the better, as we want to complete your project in both an efficient and meticulous manner. This way, you can quickly start applying for your dream internships and entry-level positions with your new and improved professional tools.

Once your writer receives your answers to the follow up questions, they will take up to one week to finalize the first draft of your new career tools.

Review with client

After this week is up, your writer will email you the first draft of your project! Woohoo! There will then be a revision period of 1-3 weeks with unlimited modification opportunities to further perfect your career tools together with your writer. Again, we will work with you until you feel nothing short of amazing about the result.

Finalize the project

The revision period includes unlimited changes and communication through email and, potentially, phone call during agreed upon business hours until your documents are exactly what you want. In addition to the new and improved career tools, you will also receive a detailed write-up describing all of the changes that were made.

After this period concludes, the project will be completed, and you will now be ready to apply for your dream internships and entry-level jobs with confidence!

Let’s do this!

We offer writing services to help you land your dream internship/entry-level role.

View our services
  • resume-writing

    Resume Writing

    We craft two types of resumes: industry specific and job specific. An industry specific resume is particular to a given field, while job specific resumes are variations of an industry specific resume, that are tailored to the job descriptions of certain position postings. We create both for you.

  • cover-letter

    Cover Letter Writing

    Writing a cover letter that truly encapsulates who you are and aligns with what companies are looking for can get pretty difficult. We work closely with you to ensure that your cover letter perfectly blends the most noteworthy aspects of yourself with your prospective company's needs.

  • linkedin

    LinkedIn Profile Writing

    The majority of college students and recent graduates are new to LinkedIn, and are thus unaware of how to: properly set up their profiles, appear higher in recruiter searches, stand out when applying through LinkedIn Jobs, facilitate effective networking strategies, etc. This is where we come in.

Our results

We have a straightforward process that ensures and produces great results.

  • Standout professional tools

    At College Resume, we pride ourselves on delivering our clients professional tools that turn the heads of recruiters and hiring managers at top companies.

  • Meticulous work

    We treat your career tools like our very own. Our top priority is to strengthen your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, enabling you to confidently apply for your dream role.

  • Results above all else

    Each project we take on is done to perfection. We utilize our proven, tried-and-true methods that will drive results in your application process.

  • Just wanted to reach out and say thank you!! Overall, great experience! College Resume worked with me to make my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile more professional. They were consistently and there for me when I was stuck, and made my career tools look ready to go and apply for the internships I need to. They helped add things I would have never thought of myself, and made it look the most professional it could! Thanks again!

    Jonathan, Finance Intern at The Joint Chiropractic

  • I really appreciate the assistance I have received from Daniel. He not only recommended what changes I should make but also explained why they should be made. I cannot wait to implement the recommendations and start applying for jobs. I highly recommend Daniel and College Resume.

    Deep, Computer Science Student at Rutgers University - New Brunswick

  • Daniel and College Resume assisted me in crafting a professional resume that helped me land multiple interviews and ultimately my first internship.

    Jesse, Corporate Partnerships Co-op at TD Garden

  • Hey! Thank you so much for the help on the resume, I feel like the assistance has really taken my resume to the next level. I feel a lot more confident now applying to jobs because of this.

    Bharath, Computer Engineering Student at Rutgers University - New Brunswick

  • Hi Daniel! I very much appreciate your analysis of my resume. I needed to see if my resume was properly tailored to my strengths, and College Resume gave me the best review of all and recommendations on ways to improve within a short time! What I really liked was how you tackled each point with actionable recommendations backing them up. Definitely the best analysis I have gotten so far – you sure do deserve a recommendation!

    Olushola, AR Coordinator at Hapag-Lloyd

  • Hey man just wanted to say thank you so much for the help with my resume and LinkedIn. College Resume is a great service for students trying to set up their LinkedIn or create a great resume. I’m not a business student so none of my classes taught me how to properly set up my career tools, and your assistance was clear and constructive. I got advice that helped me clean up my resume as well as make my LinkedIn profile more presentable. I definitely recommend this service to students who want to improve their presentation as they apply for internships or other opportunities. I’m going to send a few of my friends your way to fix up their resumes. Keep up the great work!

    Jon, Business Economics Student at Rutgers Honors College

  • Hey just wanted to say thank you, because of you I already heard back from 2 companies in the last week. Your professionalism and determination is some of the best I’ve seen. The analysis you provided me with has made my resume stand out to professionals more than I could have imagined. You made it so easy to understand what was wrong with my previous resume. You are doing an excellent job with College Resume, and I am personally excited to see what you will do with it in the future. I will be recommending you to anyone I know that is struggling with theirs. Thanks again!

    Michael, People Analyst at Taiho Oncology, Inc.

  • Daniel was very conscientious and dedicated to his work. Being a client of his for College Resume was great! As a college student just starting to look for internships and build professional experience, his advice was very clear and helped me understand where to improve my resume in the areas it needed the most. Not only did he give constructive advice but with his positive attitude and knowledge, I know I can always go to Daniel if I need clarification or have a question about my resume. I strongly suggest that anyone who thinks they need a through resume check-up, to go check out College Resume as the feedback is very informative!

    Sanjana, Supply Chain Management & BAIT Student at Rutgers Business School

We worked with Jonathan on several different projects, focused on all of his career tools.

Before Jonathan knew exactly where he wanted to apply, we started by improving his LinkedIn profile, and providing him an actionable guide on how to navigate and leverage LinkedIn as an internship seeker.

Once he knew the position he wanted to apply for, he reached out to us to perfect and tailor his resume. He knew that in order to pass the ATS for the position, he needed us to create a resume that meticulously fused the job posting with his skillset.

We crafted him both an industry and job specific resume. The job specific resume (custom variation of industry specific resume) we provided him with was the one he ultimately used to apply for the Finance internship he landed at The Joint Chiropractic.

We tailored his job specific resume to the job description he sent us, ensuring that what we crafted for him would pass the ATS for that job posting.

This was incredibly important to us when working with Jonathan on his resumes.

However, there was more to the application than just his resume. We needed to help him tell a captivating story on his cover letter; one that would turn the heads of the recruiters and hiring manager.

We did just that, and only a couple of months after we completed our final project, Jonathan landed a role as a Finance Intern at The Joint Chiropractic.



Accounting at University of Rhode Island – College of Business


Finance Intern at The Joint Chiropractic

Jesse’s dream co-op was one in the sports industry. As a student at Northeastern University in the Boston Metro Area, his top choice was to land a role at TD Garden, home to both the Boston Bruins and Celtics.

With a Marketing background and focus of study, landing an internship at TD Garden was certainly within reach for him. The biggest obstacle in Jesse’s way did not deal with his education and experiences, but rather how he would put it all together in a succinct and professional manner.

This is exactly where we came in.

Jesse reached out to us for assistance with his resume and LinkedIn profile. He sent us the job posting for a Corporate Partnerships Co-op at TD Garden, and we crafted a job specific resume for him tailored to its job description. He would then use this exact resume to apply for, and ultimately land, his dream role.

He was unsure of how to quantify his accomplishments in previous roles while still keeping his bullet points concise. He also needed a LinkedIn profile transformation that would drive results on his search for a co-op in the sports industry.

We provided him with top-notch solutions to both of his problems, which was facilitated by a high level of communication throughout the entirety of the project. Only about one month after we completed the final draft of his career tools, Jesse landed his dream internship as a Corporate Partnerships Co-op at TD Garden.



Marketing at Northeastern University


Corporate Partnerships Co-op at TD Garden (Boston Bruins & Boston Celtics)

Olushola was finishing up his Finance degree from University of Lagos in Nigeria when he reached out to College Resume. He was determined to land a top entry-level role, as his grades were high and he had previous experiences at companies like KPMG.

However, being from Nigeria with English as his second language, the language barrier was a major challenge in his way.

Olushola had all of the content ready for us, and just needed us to better articulate it for him so he could confidently apply for an AR Coordinator role at Hapag-Lloyd.

In our project, we focused on perfecting the grammar and syntax on his industry specific resume, as well as making it ATS compliant for the Finance and Accounting industries. We also crafted a tailored variation of his industry specific resume (job specific resume), which was the resume he used to apply to the AR Coordinator at Hapag-Lloyd job posting.

Within only one month of our project’s completion, the resumes we created for Olushola paid off, as he landed his dream entry-level position as an AR Coordinator at Hapag-Lloyd.



Finance at University of Lagos

Entry-Level Job

AR Coordinator at Hapag-Lloyd

It's time to put yourself in position to land your dream internship/entry-level job.

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