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We're here to help you turn your dream internship/entry-level job into reality.

Throughout your college experience, you learn a lot. Whether it be in your studies, personal life, or beyond, you learn something new every single day as a student. However, only a very small portion of these newly learned concepts involve how to bridge the gap between college and your first job. This is where College Resume comes in.

Our Mission

We put our clients in position to land their dream positions that previously seemed out of reach.

We open doors for college students and recent graduates across the globe by transforming and revitalizing their professional tools. After working with College Resume, not only will you feel significantly more confident and prepared when applying for internships and entry-level jobs at top companies, but you will also learn many useful pieces of information that will be of great benefit to you moving forward.

Founder's Message

My goal is simple, and that is to assist as many people as I can with the wisdom I have in this complex field. My HR background runs deep, as I am currently an HR Business Partner - Engineering at Tesla. Previously, I was an HR Business Partner Intern - Engineering at Tesla & an HR Intern, Talent Management at L'Oréal. I am also an HR Management Summa Cum Laude graduate from Rutgers University-New Brunswick. I am constantly striving to further strengthen my knowledge on professional relationship building, the recruiting process, career advancement, and personal branding. I have a mission to help the many college students and recent graduates who are stuck in the difficult process of internship and entry-level job searching. I understand how strenuous and discouraging the hunt can get, and I understand how to surpass it. Ever since April 2020, we have brought loads of value to countless college students and recent graduates worldwide, and we are excited to continue embarking on this journey.

Daniel A. Donenfeld


Daniel A. Donenfeld


Daniel is the 22-year-old Founder of College Resume. He is currently an HR Business Partner at Tesla, and a Summa Cum Laude graduate from Rutgers University – New Brunswick, with a degree in Human Resource Management, where he finished 1st in class of 4,861 students with a 4.0 cumulative GPA. His passion for HR has landed him several roles at top companies. He has a deep understanding of how the recruiting process works, and started College Resume in order to solve the problem that almost all college students and recent graduates face: having no idea where they went wrong/why they constantly encounter rejection in the application process. He sees College Resume as the future of career advancement for students and recent grads, as both its value and return on investment are simply unmatched.

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